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Get Ready to Shine on National TV with HIP·HOP·TV® Records! 

Calling all talented musicians with exceptional music videos! If you're eager to have your artistry showcased on real television, then HIP·HOP·TV® is the platform you've been waiting for!

HIP·HOP·TV® is thrilled to present you with an extraordinary opportunity.


Not only will we air your incredible music video on our Music video shows, but we'll also give you the chance to become a guest performer on one or more of our highly popular Live performance TV shows. Imagine the adrenaline rush as you take the stage, captivating audiences with your unique sound and style. Whether it's on the iconic "Hip Hop Lives Matter," the epic journey of "The Path To Stardom," or the vibrant energy of "Graffiti Park," HIP·HOP·TV® provides the perfect platform to showcase your talent to a nationwide audience!

But wait, there's more! HIP·HOP·TV® isn't just a one-time opportunity. It's a launchpad for your music career. We understand the importance of nurturing aspiring artists and providing them with a dedicated community of fellow musicians, industry influencers, and passionate fans.

Joining the HIP·HOP·TV® family opens doors to endless possibilities. It's your ticket to connecting with the right people who can help propel your music career to new heights. It's time to unleash your full potential and make an indelible mark on the music industry.

Ready to make your mark on the small screen? It's as easy as following the link below to discover all the details on how you can submit your music video and seize this incredible opportunity to be seen on national TV. Don't let your music video go unnoticed. Take center stage with HIP·HOP·TV® and let the world witness your exceptional talent. Step into the spotlight on one of our acclaimed Live performance TV shows!

Join us on the ultimate journey to stardom with HIP·HOP·TV® - the platform that understands and celebrates your artistry. Submit your music video today and let your musical dreams come alive!

 HIP·HOP·TV®: Your Path to Television Stardom!

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With a lineup of TV shows and music programming HIP·HOP·TV® is where you need to be. With a 24/7 TV channel and on-demand access

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